Type: Experimental website
Role: Concept, Visual design, Sound design

Made in Hi-ReS! London

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“ A playground for us to experiment with new visual and sonic concepts and technology... or Soulbath version 2.0 (15 years late). ”

VOID is an experimental website made within a small team of designers and developers, exploring art and sound through technology.

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“ All art is created from nothing into something. Our imaginations piece together concepts which we then transform and manipulate mass to fill spaceWe use the V o ID to house these pices, and we see the emptiness that surrounds them as potential for new ideas. ”

VOID I was made with the love of Robin Gardeur, Amelie Maia Rosser, Scott Ashmore and Henrique Matias in 2015. Learn more about its creation here .

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“Journey deeper into the VOID and explore a new dimension of sounds & visuals. Not alone, but with all of humanity. Gathering within The Cube and being united by ears, eyes and soul. Don’t ask why. Just be. And float away.”

VOID II is a realtime multi-user audio and visual experience. Participants are invited to enter 4 different rooms where they interact and collaborate with others exploring a new dimension of sounds and visuals.
I helped my Hi-Res! friends producing the sounds.

Void II was made with Robin Gardeur and Amelie Maia Rosser in 2016.

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