Following the brand for 2 years.

Role: Concept, Art direction, Ux / Ui, Film direction, Photography, Sound design
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Made in Hi-ReS! London 

At Hi-ReS! London, we did all the communication around events for Jägermeister in Germany, UK and International. We did a multitude of small event websites, very rough and fun. Here is a selection of what we've done in two years.

Jägermeister Says

Jägermeister says is a What's App Game. The Jäger-Master gives you tasks to solve, by yourself or with a bunch of friends. We had a UK and an Irish edition of the game.

Feeding the social

We conceived & produced a lot of visuals to feed the social medias.
For each period of the year and special events, we created some funny pictures and short films for the pleasure of our fan comunity. Here’s a selection of videos made for Instagram.

A GIF campaign

A bunch of friends cross into the woods to enter a clearing. They set a table to share a drink, but they see something disturbing them. A textbox opens and let the user type down what’s happening.
During 2 weeks, we produced 10 GIFs a day based on the users inputs... Great and funny ideas!

More GIFs here

The remix of a classic

To promote the release of the seasonal edition "Jägermeister Spice", we conceived and shot in Hi-Res the commercial, broadcasted by an online experience. A word for word direct application of the slogan "The remix of a classic" by remixing some famous classical music tracks.

Jäger Music

Jägermeister music was a webapp using users’ Spotify accounts API to propose them tracks, playlists and Jäger labelled tunes through an interactive interface.

Website redesign

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