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Role: Art Direction, Design, Strategy

Social campaign
Pitch development
Digital art direction
Print art direction
Being a Phantom at studio, I had the chance to spend a certain amount of time travelling between the different Google offices in London.
For the year spent at Phantom, I was involved on a range of different projects with our main partner, working on pitches, cultural campaigns, digital or print art direction. 

#History Of Us

Collaborating with Google Brand Studio, we worked on a social campaign for Google Arts & Culture department using artifacts from the Berlin Museum Island. Called #HistoryOfUs, it took the form of an exhibition series aiming to show that despite the march of time, humans are still living driven by the same feelings that they were hundreds or thousands years ago. We developed the concepts of the project as the core art direction. The final developments were made by the agency Blue State Digital.

Love, power, fame, anger, passion... History is about what it means to be human.
The #HistoryOfUs tells stories of the past with the modern tools and codes of today.

 Series stories here 

Google Partners

Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies,  or businesses, which gives access to a range of benefits, including special events and trainings, industry research, and more.

We developed several concepts for the new campaign’s program, all with their own visual language and representation of the program.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Digital art direction

Google offers a range of different products and is the source of numerous projects. As the design guidelines evolute throughout time, the art direction constantly needs to be reajusted across the passed or new products. We were then often asked to rethink designs of platforms or micro-websites. Here, the examples of Google AdWords and Mobile Speed websites that I redesigned.

                  Google AdWords

                  Mobile Speed

Market Finder posters

I helped to design a series of posters for the promotion of Market Finder, a Google platform helping businesses to expand into international markets.

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