Sony  -  Fifth Harmony

Type: Strategy, Social, Art Direction
Client: Sony Music UK
Role: Art Director, Creative
Sony asked us to think about an online experience for the release of Fifth Harmony’s highly anticipated new album. The girl band’s audience being the mobile generation, we proposed a super individualised mobile-first web based platform for fans to pre-save the album and continue to interact with custom content until and after the release.

The platform provides an exciting hub for delivery of unique and innovative content directly to fans and works at the centre of generated hype for upcoming Fifth Harmony releases.


With Fifth Harmony’s huge social media following and incredibly loyal fan base, there’s no better place to kick off core activation than their own social media channels.

Pre-save page

Fans - or Harmonizers - are invited to pre-save the brand new Fifth Harmony album ahead of it’s launch. Here, we tease at the exclusive content waiting for them beyond.

Proceeding with the pre-save initiate a Spotify log in, allowing to later call on APIs to personalise the user’s experience throughout their journey.

Your Fifth Harmony BFF

We ask our user’s to complete a couple of speedy, fun tasks before they enter the full experience.
Each of these tasks are analysed to determine which 5H member will be assigned to them for the experience, based on who they relate the most.

This or that

Fans select between a fast-paced series of two opposing choices, each related to one of the 5H members and/or their own personal interests.

Sing it!

After knowing the user’s favourite track, we ask them to sing it. Using the devices microphone, we listen in on them singing their track karaoke style. We then analyse their voice against each of the 5H members’ and identify who the user sounds like most.

Favourite track

Pulling from the user’s Spotify listening history, we identify the Harmonizer’s favourite Fifth Harmony track. Based on which 5H member sings lead on the track and who from the band also counts the same song among their favorites, this helps us to further define the user’s best match.

The reveal

Having created an analysis of the Harmonizer’s response to these quick fire tasks, we reveal their 5H BFF.
This 5H member will be their companion throughout the experience, offering their own unique exclusive content and insight into the new album from their perspective.

Launch countdown

Every day, a brand new piece of interactive content offering exclusive insight into the new album is hidden behind the number. Available for 24 hours only, it then disappears - but lives on through Harmonizers’ own social media. Users are able to scroll backwards to see a hint of past content.

Lyric footnotes

Each 5H member select a lyric from a new song they feel personally connected to. Fans have access to the selected lyrics of their favourite band member. Tapping on the lyrics reveal personal photos and handwritten notes from their 5H BFF explaining what the lyrics mean to them.

Studio 360º reveal

Harmonizers are invited to explore 5H’s recording studio via a 360° interactive image. By navigating the image, the user is able to spot another artist in the studio - revealing a secret guest star appearing on the album. There’s also a secret easter egg hidden in the mixer. If the user taps the buttons on the screen, they can hear a short sample of their 5H BFF’s vocal track from an unreleased song on the new album.

Album artwork remix

For the highly anticipated album artwork reveal, we provide Harmonizers the opportunity to put their own special spin on it. The user is equipped with sticker packs related to their 5H BFF, as well as simple image altering tools. Using these, they are able to create their very own version of the artwork to be shared on social media.

The user can be also prompted to scream and shout into their phone to show how excited they are. A Spotify playlist is automatically generated and saved to their Spotify account. The volume and length of the excited scream determines how laid back or upbeat, sad or happy the playlist is.

Curated Spotify playlist

Based on the user’s ‘this or that’ answers, we propose a playlist theme that both they and their 5H BFF share as an interest, such as ‘sport’.
The playlist consists of a selection of mood-appropriate songs that are a mixture of their 5H BFF’s favourites as well as tracks related to their own listening history.

Find the line

Fans are met with handwritten word cut outs, seemingly related to the chorus of a mysterious new song. The user is prompted to piece the words together to take a guess at what the lyrics may be saying. Should they get the words in the right order, the cut outs lock in. As with all content, the user’s guessed lyrics are sharable on social media and intended to initiate speculation and conversation.

Match the moves

Fans are challenged to a dance off, featuring all new moves from their 5H BFF.
The user’s front facing camera records their attempts to match the on-screen dancing. Without any music playing, the game feels light hearted and humorous. Captures of the pose attempts are taken as they’re hit and are compiled into an animated Gif sharable on social medias, making them the first to show off new 5H choreography.

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