Type: Advertising, Social, Strategy
Client: Airbnb
Agency: TBWA London
Role: Art Director, Creative

Dracula’s castle
Pantone house
Advent calendar
 Strategy
As a social brand, a huge part of Airbnb’s communication happens on the social networks.
For half a year, I accompanied the brand as an Art Director from the agency TBWA to manage its social accounts. In a team created specifically to work with Airbnb, we created, directed and developped social campaigns. From day-to-day posts to really special events promotion, we elaborated strategies to provide relevant content to followers and raise awareness amongst the community and beyond.

Dracula’s castle

Following up with the series “Night at”, where iconic spaces are transformed into homes just for one night, we worked on the Halloween episode, offering a chance to sleep in the Transylvanian home of Bram Stoker's Dracula, - and litterally in a coffin.


As well as preparing the castle decoration for the event, we launched a countdown to Halloween before revealing who were the two (un)lucky winners.

We then flew to Romania, and during Halloween night, right before dawn, sent a spooky bat-drone camera to flutter around the castle, streaming it live on Facebook.

Airbnb x Pantone

Bringing to life PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery, the PANTONE Color of the Year 2017, a home in Clerkenwell, London, has undergone a stunning metamorphosis, transforming into an indoor-outdoor oasis so that for the very first time, people can truly live the color.

While the ‘Outside in’ house welcomed guests to book overnight stays, it also encouraged them to engage in greenery-themed experiences available through the Airbnb app.

In-house experiences were interactive — guests could hear the sounds of nature, forage from its walls for herbs, drink tea with leaves picked from a hydroponics installation, choose plants to make terrarium vases, and even pick leaves to design custom-prints.

The promotion of the Pantone house was made through an elaborated media plan. Hints and clues were first dropped as a teaser to generate awareness about the collaboration.

We then launched the event by listing the house on Airbnb website and released the program and tickets to the experiences & workshops.

The Pantone House being a sporadic pop-up event and a small place, an intense media coverage was made on and after the launch by inviting medias, influencers and bloggers to the events and workshops where posts, stories, lives were shared all along the week.

The Pantone House was in the top 10 performing posts ever on Airbnb Instagram and received over 200 pieces of coverage, 13m impressions on social and 1m video views.

Advent calendar

When the end of the year approached, Airbnb asked us to think about a playful way to celebrate Christmas time on the social networks, bringing awareness on this period to raise user engagement.

Combining pictures & illustrations with the Facebook 360º feature, we created a social Advent calendar aiming to make customers learn about Christmas traditions and history from all over Europe.

When panning around or pinching & zooming on the created posts, users
discovered hidden items and characters ( drawn by the
great Camille Magnan! ), belonging to different Christmas cultures.  


Scotland - Hogmanay

Italy - Befana the Christmas Witch

Iceland - The Yule Lads

Alsace - Bredele cookies

Strategy & marketing

We spent time everyday to add events and potential ideas to our cultural calendar.

Listing popular events, festivals, traditions, hot topics, releases, was a base for a constant and relevant source of inspiration.

Airbnb needed us to think reactively and act fast.

As most of the brand’s advertising and communication takes place on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we set up an advanced teamwork method to develop and create social content efficiently.

From single posts to the building of more complex campaigns, strategy was involved in the process with social trends researches, benchmarking, data analysis & comparisons.

We used, proposed and created various hashtags and categories for the brand posts. They worked as a series of sub-campaigns, helping to communicate on different subjects and target different followers, as classifying content’s nature.




#NightAt Dracula’s castle



25th December


Star Wars - Rogue One

Trump travel ban on Iran


Friday the 13th
#LiveThere  -  #AirbnbPets



#NightAt Dracula’s castle


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